Site visits aarhus

Site Visit at CAVI

When: Friday, June 21, 2019, 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM

By visiting CAVI, you will get an insight into a series of projects that are displayed in their building. You will see lab facilities and several interactive installations will be presented, explained and demonstrated. Projection mapping, Interaction tables and media facades will be on display.

CAVI was established in 2001 as an interdisciplinary research center at Aarhus University, Denmark. CAVI’s original researchers primarily had a background in interaction design, but in 2013 a core group of Aarhus University’s digital aesthetics researchers joined CAVI.

In several projects, CAVI has worked closely with external partners, for instance, schools, architects, technology providers, and other businesses. In the area of cultural computing, they have worked with independent artists as well as cultural institutions, such as libraries and museums.

CAVI carry out research through design, making practical design experiments aimed at gaining insight into interaction design – design process, as well as interface and use. Their interaction design researchers have a background in participatory design, which explains concern with the contexts for which they design. A strong interest in exploring the design of engaging experiences is a persistent thread throughout their research portfolio.

Booked tours:
10:00 – 11:00 (max. 15 people per tour)
11:00 – 12:00 (max. 15 people per tour)

Aabogade 34D
bldg. 5345
8200 Aarhus N

Denmark Website:

As the number of seats is limited sign up is following “first come, first served” principle. To ensure your personal seat it is important that you sign up directly at the IoT Forum booth (no. 11) in the exhibition area and get your participation confirmed.

Bike tour of the World’s Smallest Big City – IoT in practice

When: Friday, June 21, 2019, 9.00AM

When in Aarhus we want to show you why Aarhus is among the top Smart Cities in the world – and we will use the same kind of transportation as the smart citizens of Aarhus: More than one third uses their bike for going to work.

Times & places
9:00 Dokk1, Hack Kampmanns Plads 2 – we meet right inside the main entrance
10:00 Havnepladsen Aarhus City Lab
11:00 Havnepladsen – the start of the bike tour
12:30 Design-People, Vesterbro Torv 3, 3. tv – lunch and design-thinking approach workshop
14:00 Vesterbro Torv – end of the tour

What you will experience

You will get a guided tour of Dokk1 that will take you to the automatic books return-unit of the library. Every day the citizens hand in many library books using this robot, and in the machine room, the books are automatically sorted into boxes for every single library based on digital tags. Outside the library, there is a hand-in box, where books can be returned all day and every day. We will also have a short look at the automated underground parking facility with space for 972 cars – the largest one in Europe.

Aarhus City Lab
From Dokk1 we walk for a tour in the Aarhus City Lab at the harbour front. The City Lab is a test facility for Smart City solutions and a showroom for new Smart City initiatives. The City Lab functions as a playground for partners, a test facility for current and future EU initiatives and a place where Aarhus can develop its digital citizenship.

Bike tour
We have bikes ready for you, and we will guide you on a ride to give you an impression on how a smart city works with smart mobility – e.g. awarding some cyclists with a chip prioritising green light for them. Your guide will be Jens Peter Hansen, board member of Danish Cyclist Federation.

Our bike tour ends 12:30 at IoT Weeks Gold Partner design-people. They are hosting lunch, and afterwards, you can participate in a design-thinking approach workshop on how to get users to embrace IoT solutions. Design-people have several “Red-dot” and “peoples-choice” awards within design of IoT enabled solutions and will also tell you more about their “Inspired by Woman” initiative.

The tour ends around 14:00 at design-people at Vesterbro Torv in the centre of Aarhus.

Register here and join our bike tour!

Do you want to know how an IoT test is performed?

IoT test
Then you should sign up for a visit at FORCE Technology during IoT week in Aarhus. We will open our doors on Friday 21st

Meeting point Friday morning is in front of Musikhuset at 8:30 and we will go by bus to our test facility.

We will give a guided tour through our facilities and you will return to the centre of Aarhus at 12.30.

What will you experience/learn?
As IoT is maturing we will see more and more large scale rollouts. In Denmark we have already seen multiple networks with 10.000+ devices. There are two essential parameters to take into account: 1) the robustness of the product (does it last for the entire lifetime of the network) and 2) compliance to the regulations of the internal market in Europe. At FORCE Technology we have test facilities to ensure both.

There is a big difference between how your products function in your own lab or in a living lab, and how they perform in the real world. During your visit you will see large antenna test facilities big enough to fit a car, temperature, humidity and vibration test chambers. Besides, you will learn about how they are used to ensure robust products that are in compliance with the market requirements.

Your main take -away will be new knowledge and insight into which tests your product are submitted to during the approval proces.

That knowledge will be gained through a guided tour of our facilities (EMC, antenna pattern testing, radio parameters, reliability, thermal, vibrational and humidity) and of course by meeting our specialists in each field.

Please sign up here

The number of seats is limited to 25 (sign up is first come first served).

Deadline for signing up is Tuesday 18th at 4 PM.

We look forward to seeing you.