The IoTWeek 2020 Program will be structured as follows:

· Day#1: As Monday June 1st is a public holiday in Ireland, it will be the travel day but also several City Experiences and Site Visits in cooperation with Smart Dublin and the Irish Tourism Board will be organized to allow our delegates coming from abroad discover and visit Dublin Smart City.

· Day#2:
On Tuesday 2nd June, we will start with a series of sessions on strategies and policies, with the dedicated tracks on “IoT Economy and Business”, “5G & IoT Networks” and “IoT for a better life”. We will also have in parallel project meetings and seminars such as the STARTS project which will host some Talks on IoT, Art and Society or the Startup Competition.

5G & IoT Networks: towards global virtualized networks
IoT Economy and Business: Leadership and Business Innovation at the time of IoT
IoT for a better life: smart Living and eHealth

In the afternoon, we will have the Official Opening Ceremony of the IoT WEEK 2020 with invited personalities and European Commision representatives to provide public messages in how technology and society should best work together for a sustainable future and later in the evening the Welcome Reception will be host in one of the most iconic venues in Dublin City.

· Day #3: on Wednesday 3rd June, we will have sessions of the following tracks on “IoT AI and Data Analytics”, “Next Generation IoT on Emerging Technologies” and “Data Protection, Ethics and Security” and a seminar on Fair Digital Objects organized by the Research Data Alliance Europe.

Next Generation IoT: Emerging Technologies
IoT AI and Data Analytics: Going smarter with the power of data analytics
Data Protection, Ethics and Security in a connected world
IoT WEEK 2020 Expo: Inauguration and Doors Opening

On this day we will inaugurate the Expo Area, open this year not only to industries or research organizations but to general public, in this way citizens interested in the last developments and research and scientific results on the Internet of Things and other technology domains will be able to catch up with the most advanced trends and disruptive technologies that they may already encounter in their city.

· Day #4: On Thursday 4th June we will have the Official Opening for the 4th edition of the Global Internet of Things Summit (GIoTS 2020) where top-level peer-reviewed IoT-related scientific articles will be presented to the global scientific community, encompassing the latest IoT research results.

This day will be also devoted to the tracks on “IoT for Sustainable Development Goals, “IoT Standardization”, “Smart Agriculture”, and again “Data Protection, Ethics and Security” and our traditional Hackathon.
The Expo Area will continue open to industry participants, technologies, scientist and the general public to enable the interaction between the different participants from different stakeholders and technology domains.

Smart Agriculture: when tech meets and transforms farming
IoT Standardization: reducing the gap between protocols
IoT for Sustainable Development Goals
IoT WEEK 2020 Expo: Open to Participants and Delegates and General Public

· Day #5: Friday 5th June will recall on the tracks on “IoT for Smart Cities & Communities”, “Industrial IoT: unleashing the 4.0 revolution” and “IoT for Fintech & Blockchain”.

In the afternoon, the closing ceremony will take place but the activities will continue in the exhibition area until it is closed officially. The IoT WEEK 2020 will arrive to its ending by hosting some Private and Project Meetings of our partners institutions as well as the AIOTI’s General Assembly.

Industrial IoT: unleashing the 4.0 revolution
Smart Cities & Communities: towards user-controlled technology
IoT for Fintech & Blockchain: the future of disruptive transformation
IoT WEEK 2020 Expo: Open to Participants and Delegates and General Public

Social Program and Networking

As it was organized during the last editions of the IoT WEEK, we will also have great social and networking opportunities through the Welcoming Reception on Tuesday, the Inauguration of the Exhibition Area on Wednesday and the Gala Dinner on Thursday and during the networking lunches and coffee breaks from Tuesday to Thursday.

For the first time we will also have designed Monday to Thursday every night from 19:00 to 21:00 hrs the IoT WEEK 2020 GetTogether Nights at three most trendy pubs in Dublin:

The Porterhouse at Nassau Street – Just Beside TCD

If you are a researcher, with the theme “Craft your IoT future partnerships” for future proposals you can meet your colleagues or future partners at the IoT WEEK 2020 Event, at the Expo and continue the discussions in this iconic bar close to Trinity College Dublin from 19:00-21:00 hrs. in an reserved zone for IoT Week 2020 participants/delegates. This place is a traditional and iconic micro-brewery, the beers are crafted there.

The Church Bar at Jervis Area – Near the Jervis Shopping Centre

If you are looking for partnerships and funding investors, with the theme “Flying your IoT Ideas” your future business partners can meet you in this disruptive place, an old church transformed into a restaurant-bar-nightclub. From 19:00-21:00 hrs in an exclusive zone for IoT Week 2020 participants/delegates can talk about materializing ideas.

The Café En Seine at Dawson Street – Just beside St. Stephen´s Green Park

If you are looking for a place to close your IoT business with your current or potential customers, with the theme “take-off your IoT Business” your future customers can meet you in this exclusive place, a high standing bar-nightclub. From 19:00-21:00 hrs. in an exclusive zone for IoT Week 2020 participants/delegates can close deals or talk about new business.

The organizing committee is looking to partnership with you, help with your ideas for a workshop a meeting or a session and collaborate with you as a speaker, get in contact with us: