Speakers’ Presentations 2022

Monday, June 20, 2022

Ubiquitous IoT Connectivity Potential Industrial Applications

Internet of Intelligent Things and Evolutionary Computing Convergence

EU-US Dialogue on Innovation

IoT Week Innovation World Cup Startup Competition Opening: How to grow and scale up an IoT business – Do’s and don’ts for IoT techpreneurs

Drivers and Barriers for Adoption of Digital Platforms

IoT Intelligent Connectivity and Edge Computing Research Priorities

The challenges to foster clean energy transition, resilience and energy security in Europe

IoT for Climate Change

IoT and Edge Computing impact on Green Deal

IoT Week Innovation World Cup Startup Pitch Session I (Industry 4.0, Construction, City, Transport, Agriculture)

IoTAC – Security by Design IoT Architecture I

IoT Powering Smart Tourism Destinations

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

How to address data heterogeneity in Chronic Disease Management towards massive deployment of IoT solutions

IoT Week 2022 Opening

Reliable Data to Achieve the SDGs

Quantum Technologies: trends and impact

Collaboration between European Commission and US NSF on fundamental research on new concepts for distributed computing and swarm intelligence

Metaverse, Spatial Web and Web3.0 for industry and the new society

Next step of security on the edge and in Data Spaces

Innovating in the era of Trustworthy AI

Trustworthy in Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare domain

IoT and Tourism Data Spaces

Certifying GDPR and Data Protection Compliance of IoT

Offering and Experiences of the European Federation of Data-driven Innovation Hubs

IoT Week IWC Startup Pitch Session II

Towards the Future of Trustworthy and Intelligence IoT Applications by DevOps

The ASSIST-IoT approach to NGIoT architecture design and implementation

Trusted healthcare enabled dataspaces: the PharmaLedger use cases

GIOTS Ind. Forum – Cross-Border Corridors: 5G for Connected and Autom. Mobility 1

GIOTS Ind. Forum – Cross-Border Corridors: 5G for Connected and Autom. Mobility 2

I3 Market Project Meeting

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

IIoT vehicle of vitamins and white blood cells for the healthy growth of the new chip industry market

Advances in IIoT and related techs: IDS, AI, DT, Industrial Metaverse

Sustainable Cities & Enabling Technologies

NGI Atlantic Results Showcase

EU Industrial IOT Platforms and Industrial Cases for Circular Manufacturing

Ontologies in the context of the European Green Deal

Oniro: A Vendor Neutral, Open Source OS for Next-Gen IoT Devices

Data Spaces: Common data models for Energy, Home, Mobility

IoT and Edge Computing Standardisation Challenges and Beyond

Shaping and standardising the Global Integrated Data Space

IoT and Edge Computing Standardisation in the context of Data Spaces

Multilateral Digital Value Chains for Data-Powered Manufacturing Business Ecosystem Building

Macro Trends that will change the strategy of your organization

AIOTI Testbeds – Presentation of controlled experimentation facilities

Privacy by Design

Security and Privacy Threats

Perspectives and Horizons for Data Marketplaces: Focusing on Interoperability and Open-Source Solutions for the Internet of Things

5GMediaHUB: Workshop on accelerating the testing of 5G-enabled applications

DataPorts – A Data Platform for the Connection of Cognitive Ports

Green and Digital Transition: Sustainable IoT and Energy Efficiency at the Edge by CONNECT

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Challenges of IoT and Edge Computing for European Industry

Is this the future of water?

Enabling Data Exchange in AgriFood

Closing Ceremony

Data Spaces for Interoperable Research Data Management and Governance

Research Infrastructure for Cloud, Edge, IoT

Current challenges and actual design patterns for achieving interoperability of and with data platforms

Accelerating innovation with an interconnected ecosystem

Co-creation workshop: Will you join us to improve water management? Every drop counts!

The Power of Digital Platforms to reshape the business: Platforms Business Models as a Key for Digital Transformation

Energy Architectures in Data Exchange Frameworks

Smart Agrifood Tech for Sustainable Development Goals

Urban Technology Alliance: Smart City testbed and deployment experiences

Identity, trust and privacy in an intelligent, smart IoT World. Challenges and outcomes

Due to the unexpected logistical problems, with regret, the IoT Week 2023 Organization Committee has decided to postpone the conference
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