IoT Week 2013 Helsinki

The Internet of Things is no longer talking to the innovation or trend watching units. The business units have gone beyond optimising and fine-tuning efficiency to the utmost. They are sensing a huge market.

The objective of the IoT Week is to unite the IoT community by offering a platform for presenting the latest news on relevant research topics, providing political and societal insights and offering networking opportunities.

During plenary sessions and interactive workshops, participants from all over the world and with various background will have the chance to participate to debates like: How will a general audience react to a world where ‘everything talks to everything’? Is privacy still a concept that developers can work with? Will IoT cut more jobs in an unstable economic climate or can it kick-start a young and IT savvy generation to build apps and services with open data coming from real-time sensor streams? Which domains are currently most successful? What should I be looking out for if I am a City Council? A citizen? A developer?

IoT is an internet of assemblies of people, technology, brought together to act on important questions of today.

Adam Greenfield, Managing Director Urbanscale

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Due to the unexpected logistical problems, with regret, the IoT Week 2023 Organization Committee has decided to postpone the conference
Please stay tuned for more information!