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The IoT Week 2021 conference will be in a hybrid format, with the possibility of attendance as a virtual delegate or a virtual sponsor/exhibitor as an alternative to physical attendance, for anyone unable to travel. All sponsors and exhibitors will be featured appropriately in the online Conference Platform and Conference App, with virtual display space and features to augment a possible physical stand area. Therefore, in addition to the opportunities of the face-to-face meetings in our exhibition area, sponsors and exhibitors will have wider interaction with a much larger global community through the virtual platform.

The rising awareness of climate change has caused the popularization of sustainability and the realization that we need to do things not only differently, but better.
As focus shifts to finding solutions to climate issues, technological advancements and innovation present a promising way forward.

The Internet of Things, for example, which Boston Consulting Group estimates will boom into an $267 billion dollar industry by 2021, promises to
facilitate great leaps in our efforts to transform our places and spaces, from homes and offices to entire cities, into sustainable environments.

If IoT technologies build on not only established technology, but also new capabilities in the backend, such as artificial intelligence, deep semantic
interoperability and novel contractual arrangements like Blockchains, they will undoubtedly bring fundamental change to all sectors of activity, improving the way we live and work.

In other words, IoT is likely to be an essential element of the Next Generation Internet, setting the groundwork for systems and devices of the future.

Thematic Areas

Each year, numerous thought leaders from the worlds of research, industry, business, tech and science shed light on the future of technology and its impact on business and life.


5G & IoT Networks: towards global virtualized networks

Exploring how 5G will shape IoT deployments as well as future innovations, business opportunities and implementation and mapping of 5G networks at a regional and global level.


IoT Market and Business Opportunities: Leadership and Business Innovation at the time of transitions

Exploring the new leadership styles and business innovation strategies and models necessary to face the upcoming technological and human challenges of the 4.0 era.


IoT for a better life: smart Living and eHealth

Discovering how IoT is changing the way we will live, work and interact with others by bringing awareness into our daily environment.


Next Generation IoT: Emerging Technologies

What will the technological breakthroughs of the future be? From hardware and network optimization to interoperability, artificial intelligence and user experience, this track will provide a comprehensive view on the future of the Internet.


From Data Spaces to Trustworthy AI: Designing Data Spaces in real life

Discussing how data empowers AI and why utilising IoT data across application domains matters if we are to make better business decisions and build more competitive industries.


Data Protection, Ethics and Security in a connected world

Discussing the latest cybersecurity developments for IoT and their implications regarding personal data protection regulations in Europe and internationally.


Smart Agriculture: when tech meets and transforms farming

Shedding new light on how IoT solutions can revolutionize farming and provide increased value to all parties involved in sustainable development.


Standardisation: enhancing interoperability

IoT Standardisation is following the evolution of IoT and the technical issues that have to be addressed and resolved.


IoT Key Contribution for Sustainable Development Goals

At the conference, we will bring a large variety of stakeholders to demonstrate how IoT can contribute to implement the 17 sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) made by the United nations.


Industrial IoT: Unleashing The 5.0 Revolution

Disclosing the key role of IoT in the so-called 4.0 revolution and how it is intertwined with other technologies that are going to fundamentally transform our world.


Smart Cities & Communities: towards user-controlled technology

Exploring the power of IoT to transform cities and communities by making them smarter, safer and easier to manage.


Research infrastructure: IoT new perspectives & breakthroughs for Europe

The track will then discuss the future research roadmap on Internet of Things, edge computing and Cloud foreseen in the upcoming European research programme.

Our Speakers

We are pleased to welcome some of the world-class IoT experts to the list of the IoT Week 2021 speakers again. The last edition brought together more than 360 speakers from the worlds of research, industry, business, tech and science! Among the speakers were representatives of the world’s largest companies developing IoT technologies such as Grundfos, Microsoft, Siemens and Ericsson.

Get to know IoT Week 2021 speakers.

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IoT Week 2021, Dublin


The 10th International IoT Week will be held from August 31st to September 3rd at the Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland.

IoT Week 2021 is the only place in the world where you can:

  • Learn about the art of IoT by participating in more than 150 sessions and events within 4 days
  • Network with key researchers, visionaries, entrepreneurs and representatives of international bodies
  • Expand your business by meeting and interacting with new business partners among top corporations and industry players
  • Get to know the latest IoT innovations by visiting the Exhibition Area with more than 50 companies and institutions
  • Discover the most outstanding Large Scale Projects funded by the European Commission on the Internet of Things
  • Scout the most promising projects from entrepreneurs and developers at the Hackathon and the IoT Week 2021 Startup competition