IoT Week 2019
Aarhus, Denmark


IoT is continually challenging status quo and massively affecting our everyday lives. We believe the potential is enormous and that Applied IoT enables all of us to make better decisions – for our environment, society and businesses. IoT Week is the place where tomorrow’s tech meets business and society.

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Applied IoT will impact all application domains, as well as the way products and services are delivered to the market with tremendous opportunities increase your bottom line in both the short and the long term. At IoT Week in Aarhus you will be amazed to see how quickly and drastically IoT solutions can improve your business.
We have only seen the beginning of a new, connected world. At IoT Week 2019, we aim to inspire companies across the world to collaborate towards a connected and sustainable future.

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At IoT Week 2019 the world’s leading scientists, researchers and experts share their latest findings within Internet of Things and connectivity. You will get state-of-the-art knowledge about new technologies and device optimizations. This enables you to create outstanding solutions for the future combined with professional knowledge sharing with tech people from all over the world.



At IoT Week 2019 we provide a multistakeholder forum to address societal needs such as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN. We will discuss and work on key topics such as smart cities, end-user engagement, ethics and data protection.

Overall Themes

Next June, 200+ thought leaders from the worlds of research, industry, business, tech and science shed light on the future of technology and its impact on business and life.

Theme 01

International Cooperation & SDGs

Two years after the adoption of the International Declaration on the Internet of Things for Sustainable Development at the IoT Week 2017 in Geneva, the IoT Week will bring various stakeholders to demonstrate how IoT can contribute to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Theme 02

Future Manufacturing & Industry

This track will focus on the industry needs. It will present and discuss the latest developments and emerging solutions in the smart manufacturing domain, the current Ecosystems of Advanced Manufacturing (local and international) as well as the standardization progresses. Successful Industry 4.0 case studies will be also presented, as well as other industry related IoT technologies, in domains such as the automotive industry.

Theme 03

Smart Living & eHealth

By bringing smartness to our daily environment, IoT is changing the way we will live and interact. It constitutes an unprecedented opportunity to rethink and improve the way our elders can live with a caring environment. IoT for the “Active & Healthy Ageing” (AHA) domain is a strategic element for the creation of dynamic ecosystems to answer and prevent the challenges faced by health and the future of social care systems. We will share the results of ACTIVAGE, the largest European pilot in this domain.

Theme 04

Smart Cities & Communities

IoT is a fundamental enabler for smart cities paving the way to new services and improved city management. On one hand, we will leverage on ongoing research and pilot projects to share the latest developments in the smart city domain. On the other hand, we will provide a forum to foster cooperation and convergence among organizations, for a and standardization bodies to support a global convergence and interoperability among IoT platforms for smart cities. We will also develop a Demo Area open to the citizens and schools to show the best smart cities initiatives.

Theme 05

Artificial Intelligence & Smart Data

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data are converging to change the way we exploit IoT data across many application domains. From business delivery, smart manufacturing to SDGs, smart cities and personal data protection, data are at the core of the IoT economy. Smart management of Big Data will be key to develop new services and build industrial ecosystems.

Theme 06

IoT Market & Business Models

Bringing together market analysts, industry and innovative start-ups, this track will present the market perspectives for IoT technologies and solutions. What are the key factors of success and the emerging business models in the IoT domain? How to reduce the time to market for emerging technologies and research outputs? How to align with the market demand? The sessions will be complemented by a hackathon and a start-up competition.

Theme 07

IoT Emerging Technologies

The IoT Week brings together top researchers leading the development of the IoT technology. It will provide a unique insight on the latest technological developments and research results in IoT research and development. From hardware and network optimization to interoperability, artificial intelligence and user experience, this track will provide a comprehensive view on emerging technologies.

Theme 08

IoT Security & Data Protection

The market, the regulators and the end-user are pushing the IoT industry to deliver products and solutions that are secure, privacy friendly and reliable. We will discuss the latest cybersecurity development for IoT and the impact of the personal data protection regulations at the European level and beyond. We will also explore how the research can address the need to improve risk identification and mitigation, as well as new models of security and privacy certification and labelling.

Theme 09

5G & IoT Network

Seamless coverage and convergence of wireless communications is a critical factor of success for IoT adoption by the market and the society. At the time of 5G moving towards IoT through NB-IoT and edge computing, we will explore how 5G will impact IoT deployments. What are the latest innovations? What are the new tech and security challenges on 5G Convergence and IoT Networks? What are the business opportunities of the 5G IoT Ecosystem Integration & Management? What is the Implementation Map of 5G Networks at regional and global level?

Theme 10

Smart Farming

Food security is a fundamental requirement. IoT technology is completely redefining the production of food and the interaction between the producers and consumers. The IoT Week will leverage on the IoF2020 Large Scale Pilot on IoT for smart farming to present the latest development in this domain and serve as a starting point to shed a new light on Smart Agriculture, Smart Farming Initiatives Europe (with H2020 cases studies), Big Data & Farming (Security, traceability and data analytics) or Industrial Solutions on Farming & Food Security.

Theme 11

IoT Art & Society

The IoT Week will bring together artists and IoT experts to explore new creativity alleys. How IoT is impacting and changing the artistic landscape. How can it can lead human creativity towards new frontiers. We will explore it by engaging with various artistic practices and representatives of different sectors of the society.

Keynote Speakers

Next June, 200+ thought leaders from the worlds of business,
tech and science shed light on the future of technology and its impact on business and life. A one-of-a-kind 5 day conference, including workshops, networking events and parties.

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About Aarhus

Founded during the Viking Age Aarhus is one of the oldest cities in the North with an amazing history. Today Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city with a population of 340,000 surrounded by the beauty of nature. The city is a strong national centre of growth with a significant international profile as well as a leading city of knowledge, innovation, culture and education. Aarhus has a goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2030 – a goal that requires optimal use of and inspiration from applied IoT solutions.

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